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Oath Displays

The Santa Claus Oath displays contain information about the Oath and one of the original Oath sheets signed by Charles Bergeman and Will Koch. There were five Oath sheets signed by the grandsons. One is with the Oath Book in Santa Claus, Indiana, one was presented to the community of Albion, New York, Charles W. Howard's hometown as part of Charles W. Howard Day, one was presented to Jim Morrison of the National Christmas Center for display at the museum, one was used for the traveling Oath display and the first one signed is noted and is held in a safety deposit box.

Santa Claus, IN

Albion, NY

National Christmas Center, Lancaster, PA

Traveling Oath Display

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General Provisions

The Santa Claus Oath will not be put in a situation of judging or making a ruling. The Oath will not be used in a political situation. The Oath will not judge any group or individual that follows the agreement of use for the Oath that have been set into place. The Oath will not discriminate from designer bearded Santa to real bearded Santa. The Oath will not discriminate against Mrs. Clauses who wish to sign and participate. The Oath will not discriminate on race. The Oath will not take sides in historical conflicts and will keep a fair and balanced position. The Oath will not participate in "he said, she said" gossip. Information on Oath related subject will be given equally and freely to all no matter of group affiliation or independent stature. The Oath will not be put into a situation of "peer pressure." The Oath is based on Christian values, but the Oath will not discriminate upon a creed of an individual. The Oath will not be used in a propaganda situation, misrepresented in context or used for a group or individuals political or financial gain.

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