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Knights of St. Nicholas

Creed of the Knights of St. Nicholas

I believe in the miracle of the manger and the message of the child who was born as the Messiah as God's true gift to all mankind. I acknowledge the Passion and the sacrifice made as a paradigm that it is truly better to give than to receive. I understand the devotion of Nicholas of Myra and his conviction to God's love for all mankind as an example to follow. I am a mere mortal who has no magical powers except the belief of loyalty to the tradition of the Advent Season that has been handed down from generation to generation to me by my family and friends. I acknowledge that the true basis for the celebration is the child of the manger and I promise to make all children happy to the best of my abilities in his name. I confirm these beliefs to myself and to the Spirit of Christmas as a Knight of St. Nicholas, a servant of people everywhere.

Note: This is not a new Santa group. It is a basic philosophy that can be a common thread to link the pre-existing groups together. The strength of the Santa Community is in its local and regional groups/meetings. That is where the concept begins. If we can all agree on some basic building blocks and fundamentals, we can start to understand each other and start to move in a direction that is supportive and positive in our community. We believe most Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and helpers just want honesty, trust, and fellowship from their /and or a Santa group. We do need to demand certain things of each other as the mission statement says.

This is a new approach working into what is already established in our culture of internet / regional groups. By linking core values, maybe as a society of Santas, we can attain peace among ourselves.

Mission Statement

For God, Christmas, and the true sincere Legend of Santa Claus, we associate ourselves together as the Knights of St. Nicholas for the following purposes...

To uphold the principles of the Santa Claus Oath in our thoughts, actions, and words. To maintain dignity and respect for all people no matter what race, creed, religion or faith. To not be intimidated to stand up for the basic elements of truth, sincerity, and responsibility. To foster, demand, and perpetuate one hundred percent accountability to ourselves and our brethren who belong to the greater Santa Claus Community. To pledge to keep ourselves above reproach to the best of our abilities. To think and act like Santa Claus as much as possible, not taking advantage of the role for unethical motives and dishonorable intentions.

We will preserve the memories and stories of our departed associates with respect. We shall not forget those whom have come before us and passed the traditions to us. We accept our responsibility to them by fostering new Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and Elves to join one of the pre-established local, regional or national Santa groups.

We acknowledge the true meaning of Christmas and will seek to participate in volunteerism in our villages, towns, and cities proving our dedication that it is better to give than to receive. We will promote peace on earth and goodwill towards all men, women, and children everywhere. We will sanctify the Spirit of St. Nicholas by committing to our Santa groups by our devotion to the mutual understanding that we are mere human beings, but as a brotherhood, we represent something much larger and extraordinary - the opportunity and privilege to be Santa Claus.

We pledge ourselves to remain true and not falter when challenges to our mission occur and to be faithful to our mission and to each other.

Goals of the Knights of St. Nicholas

To Interface and work within the established Santa Claus Community groups to:

Invite all established groups and their members to participate in a philosophy that links us all together by setting basic values and morals as the corner stone of our overall Santa Claus Community.

Work together in spreading the availability of resources and information throughout the established communities.

Increase cross participation within the established groups.

Demonstrate to all the individual groups and organizations our commitment to the entire Santa Claus Community.

Recognize those groups and individuals that dedicate themselves to the mission.

Participation in the Knights of St. Nicholas is completely voluntary to individuals and groups.

Core Values of the Knights of St. Nicholas 

We must have the Belief in ourselves when we undertake challenges to our community. We must have Courage to face the difficulties. We must have the Desire, as nothing is impossible to a willing heart. We must strive for Excellence in doing the very best each and every time. We might stumble, but we must accept Failure as the new building blocks to achieve new opportunities. We must set reasonable Goals to accomplish our reality. We must only accept Honesty, as not being honest only hurts all of us. We must use our Imagination to see the possibilities of our dreams. We must Love one another, as even in hardship love and truth shine through. We must seek and look for Opportunity in the Santa world to better ourselves in our communities. We must have Persistence to overcome obstacles and the ability to push forward. We must take and have Responsibility as the fulfillment of integrity, honesty, truth, and fellowship in our community. We must have Accountability to our community. We must find Forgiveness for honest mistakes. We must strive for Loyalty in our community and each other. We must have Understanding when transgressions are asked to be healed.

Misconduct and Unscrupulous Deeds are not to be Tolerated

We as a unity need to hold ourselves and each other accountable for any actions that bring disgrace, dishonor, and infamy to our community. We as a community shall not tolerate any individuals or companies that discredit and degrade the good name of Santa Claus by their actions and deeds. We will not be a police force, we will not be a judge and jury, but we will ask for accountabilty as a community.

Code of Conduct and Ethics of the Knights of St. Nicholas

Display ethical behavior in the presentation of the Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus characters to the public and in our conduct as portrayers, including not interfering with or jeopardizing the performance of another Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus either through personal intervention or the unauthorized use of acquiring his contracted appearance.

Be true to the religious aspect of Christmas, be true to the traditional customs of Christmas, and be true to your conviction as Santa Claus or Mrs. Santa Claus.

Recognize and have respect for rights of the creators, authors, and owners of Santa Claus or Mrs. Santa Claus concepts, presentations, and literature, and their rights to have exclusive use of, or to grant permission for the use by others of such creations.

Dissuade false, dishonest, and misleading methods in the recruitment of Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and Helpers for personal or financial gain.

Encourage the honest and truthful fellowship of all Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and Helpers.

Hold ourselves and each other accountable for misconduct by encouraging communication, tolerance, and telling the truth.

Oppose the willful exposure to the public of any secrets of the Santa Claus Legend and any attempt to destroy the hope, belief, and magic of children of all ages.

Be responsible for our personal actions be it good or bad.

Support each other in true, clean, and honest business practices.

Encourage volunteerism in the true Spirit of Christmas.

Promote the humane treatment and care of reindeer or any livestock used in a Santa Claus or Mrs. Santa Claus appearance.

Refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco or foul language while in character.

More Information Coming Soon...

The Pillars of Knighthood

Knighthood Foundation in the Local and Regional Santa Groups

Missions and Quests to be a Knight of St. Nicholas

The Creed of the Knights of St. Nicholas, The Santa Claus Creed, Santa's Creed, and others connotation are copyrighted under an attachment with Arcadia Publishing 2010 by Phillip L. Wenz. ISBN # 978-0-7385-4149-5 and LCCC # 2007925452 - All rights reserved.

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