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Coat of Arms

In creating a historically accurate symbol for the Oath, one of our goals in developing the Coat of Arms was that it needed to represent the eight principles that make up the Santa Claus Oath.

The eight elements of the Santa Claus Oath Coat of Arms are the Shield, SC Letters, Crossed Candy Canes, Traditional Symbols of Saint Nicholas, Reindeer, Grapevines, Banner and the Colors.

Each element represents the following:

Shield - The shield shape is consistent with the time of Saint Nicholas.

Symbols - The letters S and C represent the name of Santa Claus. The candy canes symbolize the two legendary Santas, Charles Howard and Jim Yellig. The canes are crossed as Yellig's and Howard's paths crossed only once. The lower part of the shield has the three acknowledged symbols of Saint Nicholas, the miter (bishop's hat) the crosier (shepherds staff) and three gold coins, representing the gold given to provide dowries to impoverished maidens.

Reindeer - There are two reindeer that flank the shield. One reindeer represents designer bearded Santas and the other represents real bearded Santas. The reindeer have come together in unity to uphold the shield and uphold their pledge to the Santa Claus Oath.

Grapevines - At the top and bottom of the shield and reindeer there are grapevines. The grapevines are an ancient symbol for the thirst and quest of knowledge.

Banner - Completing the Coat of Arms is a banner with "Santa Claus Oath" on it.

Colors - The colors of the Santa Claus Coat of Arms are the traditional Christian colors of Christmas. Red is for the blood of Christ, green is for the eternal life in Christ and gold is for Christ the Divine. 

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