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Santa Claus Oath

Dedicated to Jim Yellig and Charles W. Howard

Oath Dedication

Dedicated to the memories of

Raymond Joseph “Jim” Yellig

Charles W. Howard


all those who dedicated themselves to

passing on the loving traditions of the

Legend of Santa Claus.

Dedicated, signed and noted on this 12th day of October 2008 at Santa’s Candy Castle

in Santa Claus, Indiana - USA.

Charles Bergemen, acting on behalf of Charles W. Howard

Will Koch, acting on behalf of Jim Yellig

Lloyd Martin, an ambassador of Santa Claus, Indiana

Pat Koch, an ambassador of Santa Claus, Indiana

Kevin Klosowski, proprietor of Santa’s Candy Castle

Gary Isaacson, acting on the behalf of the persona of Santa Claus

Jerry Owens, witness

Diana Owens, witness

DeAnn Johnson-Wenz, witness

Phillip L. Wenz, author